Mobile encryption is one of the most complex fields of technology today.

Scroll down for a list of a few common questions we get asked.


Do I really need to be concerned about protecting my voice and data communications?

It's so easy to intercept cellular and other digital communications that even teenagers can do it. But it's not teenagers that represent the worst threat. Corporate espionage, terrorist activities and kidnapping for ransom are just a few of the risks you face when your business and personal conversations are open to anyone who cares to listen.

Here are some recent examples of real-life events that could have been prevented if the victims used Secure Lock products:

What is the difference between Secure Lock™ and other products available in the market?

  • Movile Crypto Group Ltd. has maintained a technological lead using a 3rd party's software develoment company since 2003, proving to deserve your trust as well as the trust of worldwide corporations and governmental entities.
  • Secure LockTM is the only solution which utilizes a dual layered protection system, protecting data with AES, Elliptic Curve, securing key transfer with Diffie Hellman 4096 Bits, designed to protect data up to Top Secret level.
  • Secure Lock™ is the most easy to use encryption system in the world, suitable for users with no technical background.

Is the Secure Lock™ solution software based or do I need specially modified hardware?

Secure Lock™ encryption system is software based. It utilizes the device native processing power and does not require any additional hardware.

Is there a chance that my call is recorded for decryption?

No modern hacking/decryption techniques are capable of decrypting the Secure Lock™ signal in any way. Even the mathematicians who developed the Secure Lock™ encryption algorithms are not capable of decrypting your secure calls and messages. Secure Lock is the only system in the world with the proper certification and documentation to prove it.

Can the Secure Lock™ encryption system be installed on my own phones or must I purchase the phones from you as well?

Secure Lock™ can be installed on your own phone. The installation is simple and does not require any technical expertise. If however you prefer to purchase a pre installed phone, please contact us for a quote which includes the phone and shipping.

For encrypted calls - do I need to have Secure Lock installed on both phones?

Yes. End to end encryption is the only way to enable complete security (this can not be ensured when only one side is encrypted). Secure Lock is an end to end security system, so the encryption software must be installed on both sides of the call.

Do I need a VOIP provider when using Secure Lock 3G?

No. Secure Lock 3G implements its own encrypted VOIP channel, without relying on any 3rd party provider. There are only two requirements for establishing an encrypted call between two devices (nationally or internationally):
  • Both sides of the call should have Secure Lock 3G installed
  • Both sides of the call should be connected to the internet (via WIFI, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, or CDMA)